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Tour of our DIY car camper, its so easy anyone could do it. Nothing is better than getting out into nature, why not make it easier by having your car be your camper. With battery powered air conditioning, refrigerator, solar power, kitchen, couch, bed, awning, shower, bathroom and so much more all in one tiny car. Follow along and see what we did to make it all fit into such a tiny space. We are Brittany and Jay, and we have been traveling full time in our RV for 6 years. While we love the space of a motorhome we often felt held back by its size. We found a solution by turning our car, a 2020 Kia Soul into a micro camper that can be pulled right behind our RV. Now the RV is our home base and the car is our home away from home. As we travel we bring you the best local content here on NewsBreak including tourist locations, events, and unique restaurants. To follow us on a more personal level you can find us on YouTube, Nomadity.

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We are jay and Brittany and we travel the USA and bring you the best local content around the country.


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