Pedro Dos Leitoes- Mealhada, Portugal- Dining Review- Trying Portugal's Famous Roasted Pig

We are on the move again on our Portugal trip. This time, we make a stop in Mealhada where they are known for their leitoes (or roasted pig). There are a lot of different restaurants claiming to have the best leitoes in Mealhada, which is a small town outside of Coimbra. We landed at Pedro Dos Leitoes.This is an 80 year old establishment, so you know they must be doing something right. We got the roasted pig, salad and french fries (which are actually potato chips). Everything was delicious and if you travel north from Lisbon, you need to make a stop in this little town to grab a bite to eat! #mealhadaportugal #leitoes #portugaltravel Check out their menu- Be sure to follow us on Instagram-

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