Lemon Bars- At Home Recipe- Classic, Simple, Dessert- Made by Stephanie

In this week's cooking vlog, we have a special appearance by Stephanie due to Brian being ill. I apologize in advance for my appearance (let's be real, this is what I look like 80% of the time) and that I block the camera a few times, this is my first attempt at baking on camera. It has been a super long week to say the least but I am happy to report our home is on the mend! I grabbed a recipe off of All Recipes for The Best Lemon Bars. I've never made lemon bars before and I was surprised how easy it was! I was also surprised how much sugar is in them, but YOLO right? #lemonbars #bakingathome #rookiechef Link to the recipe- https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/10294/the-best-lemon-bars/ Be sure to follow us on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/nobseateries/

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