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What to Do on a Weekend in Denver

Nkeiruka Medani
nkeiruka medani

This Denver Travel Guide is tailored for a jampacked weekend! It is a breakdown of what I did while in Denver over the weekend! If you do not have as much time as I did, I suggest choosing your most preferred sites and spots to visit prior to arriving.


  • Snooze for Brunch: This brunch menu has everything you could possibly look for in a brunch! There are multiple locations, but I recommend going to the one inside Union Station! The interior is eclectic and artsy, and they had an outdoor heated tent to sit in as well. From their larger-than-life unique mimosa flavors, to their eggs benedict (my favorite), this place is definitely a MUST go!
  • Dairy Block: The cutest alley way in all of Denver! It is home to rotating vendors showcasing their works from art, food, music, and more! The street is beautifully decorated and makes the space vibrant and welcoming!
  • Union Station: The most iconic building in Denver! Union Station is the train station that takes patrons to and from the city center. There are multiple shops, restaurants, and vendors in the station to browse!
  • 16th Street Mall: This is one of the largest outdoor mall I’ve ever seen! From shops to movie theaters, to plenty of restaurants and bars, this mall has it all! The coolest part about it is that the city of Denver operates a free metro bus that takes patrons through the mall, and it runs almost 24 hours a day!
  • Tupelo Honey: This is a restaurant that offers Southern style cuisine in a beautiful modern setting. The fried chicken, catfish, mac and cheese, and greens are all fantastic choices for dinner!
  • Millennium Bridge: This bridge is located half a block from Tupelo Honey. It is a short bridge, but boasts unique architecture and an innovative design!


  • Rocky Mountains: This is a landmark for Denver and sets it apart from most places in the U.S.! One of the U.S. National Parks, this is a beautiful, majestic destination to visit and definitely needed a spot on this Denver Travel Guide! NOTE: I highly recommend renting a car for this experience! The entrance fee per car is $25 and gives you 2 consecutive days of access to return to the park. Keep in mind that the weather is drastically different here than in downtown Denver. It snows at the park until June/July, so prepare yourself! It started snowing intensely when I was there and thankfully the car had snow tires to get through the climate change. The main trail to visit for beautiful, expansive views is Bear Lake to Emerald lake (a 3.5 mile loop).
  • Notchtop Bakery & Cafe: This is a small, quaint neighborhood restaurant near by the main entrance of the Rocky Mountains. I suggest coming here to get breakfast or lunch before you head into the park!
  • University of Colorado Denver campus: The main University in Denver. The campus spans out for multiple blocks and is in such a gorgeous setting!
  • 10 Barrel Brewing Company: A notable brewery in RINO District that has an enormous interior setting, gorgeous wall art, and a great selection of beer on tap! Walk right outside the back of the brewery to find the not-so-secret alley way filled with stunning artwork! Every summer, this street gets repainted so it is very worth the trip to view it!
  • Love This City Mural: One of the prettiest murals I saw in Denver! It was the last one I saw before heading home, saying “Love This City, Denver” which truly left an imprint in my mind and heart for this Denver travel guide! Located on Broadway & Park Ave West.

I hope you enjoyed this Denver travel guide and found it helpful for your upcoming trip! Please comment thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family! Thank you for your continued support!

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