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The best time to travel to Maui is during April and May or September through November, when the weather is least likely to be sporadic. We went early March, and experienced some in-climate weather, but overall in the almost two weeks we were there, the weather was sunny! Also, if you have never experienced island weather, it can be tricky to navigate! Although one side of the island is gloomy or cold, the other side is most likely all sunny and bright! When packing for a place like Maui, consider bringing a little raincoat just in case! For the length of stay, I recommend visiting for at least one week! Hawaii is three hours behind Pacific Standard Time, so if you are flying anywhere farther that the West Coast, you will want to give your body enough time to adjust to the time difference. With that timeframe, you will be able to see multiple areas of Maui (as it is large), and not feel rushed! Get to know the main neighborhoods (i’ve listed them below)! IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to read and prepare for the Hawaii travel requirements regarding covid! Go to the Go Hawaii website to view the requirements.

Where to Stay in Maui, Hawaii

Maui, like everywhere in Hawaii, is expensive. My best advice is to book an Airbnb or hotel far in advance (at least 1-2 months prior) to secure the best deals. Where to stay in Maui all depends on where you want to prioritize your time. If you want a quick access to lively surroundings, stay in Lahaina or nearby. If you want a more chill atmosphere, stay near Paia. If you want to stay in a fancy resort, go to Wailea. No matter where you stay, a car will be necessary to navigate to each neighboring area. Uber and Lyft are not widely used there and sometimes are unavailable to pick up in certain locations on the island.

What to Do Near the Airport: Kahului/Ma’alaea

Cafe O’Lei at the Mill House: The property is gorgeous! I spent alot of time walking through to see everything on the grounds. They also offer zip-lining adjacent to the restaurant, how cool is that? For appetizers we got the calamari steak. For entrees, we got the blackened shrimp, the braised short ribs, and the coq au vin which were all fantastic! Call the restaurant directly to book a reservation.

Thai Mee Up: My absolute favorite food truck in all of Maui! When I first came to Maui in 2018, this was the food truck I went to multiple times during my visit! Everything on the menu is made to order fresh, and I am a sucker for pad thai and their chicken pad thai is the BEST i’ve ever had and I sincerely mean that! The other items on the list I loved were the shrimp fried rice, the pork ribs, and the drunken noodles with pork.

Costco: This Costco is in a perfect location for anyone who needs to pick up essential items for a long stay in Maui. When I came here in 2018, I ventured here almost every day to get lunch at the food stand! As always, you need to be a Costco card member to be able to enter the store and take advantage of all the discounts and deals.

Molokini Crater: The full name of this is called Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel (search this on Google to find reservation details). This is a five hour reservation-only experience that takes you on a boat adventure to two different sections of the island to snorkel! Along the way, you will get the pleasure of humpback whale sightings! I got to immerse myself in coral reefs, school of fish, and multiple turtles!!! The tour, transportation, breakfast and lunch, all snorkeling gear is included for $125 per person.

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it helpful for your upcoming trip! Please comment thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family! Thank you for your continued support!

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