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The Erectile Disfunction Epidemic in young men

Nikki Lynn

Researchers surveyed 312 men, the youngest starting at just 20. The research was performed at a San Diego urology clinic where the young men seeked treatment. Due to the increase in erectile dysfunction in such young men in recent years it really needs to be explained.

The study’s authors believe that pornography use may be part of the reason. The problem could be rooted in the biology of addiction. The researchers found a relationship between porn addiction and sexual dysfunction. There was a clear correlation between reported sexual dysfunction in partnered sex and internet pornography viewing.

Pornography use varied widely across all the men surveyed. About 26 percent said they view pornography less than once a week, while 25 percent said one to two times a week, and 21 percent said three to five times weekly. At the other extreme, 5 percent said they use pornography six to 10 times a week, and 4 percent said more than 11 times a week.

A separate survey of 48 females found no association between pornography and sexual dysfunction, even though about 40 percent said they also watch pornography.

Young men with the heaviest use of online porn were among the most likely to report erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues. Porn-addicted men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction and are less likely to be satisfied with sexual intercourse, according to findings presented. Watching too much internet porn can increase a person’s tolerance to sexual stimuli and regular uses are less likely to respond to real-world sexual activity.

In the end The real world has to compete with the unreal online sexual fantasy world – with the result that some men find themselves unable to participate in normal partnered sexual activity.

The findings about ED rates in young men raise concerns that teen’s sexuality could be affected if they’re exposed to pornography. There appears to be an impact on the brain from exposure to internet pornography – and it also seems that that impact can potentially be reversed by ending exposure.

Some of the men included in the study were able to resume normal sexual relations with a partner after stopping the use of online pornography.
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