Six Entrepreneurial Reality Shows and Docuseries with 10X Studios are Coming to a City near you!

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Grant Cardone, entrepreneur, best-selling author, investment Fund Manager with approximately $5.1 billion worth of assets under management and founder of the 10X Movement has announced the production of six reality shows and docuseries through his newly formed 10X Studios.
Grant CardoneGrant Cardone

10X Studios, spearheaded by TV/film executive and entrepreneur Aengus James, is a multi-platform content studio that integrates people, commerce, and media with a focus on developing and financing content about entrepreneurship, business, money-making, and stories of extraordinary success. James has created hundreds of hours of content including hit shows Undercover Billionaire (Discovery); I Am Jazz (TLC) and Scandalous: The True Story of the National Enquirer (CNN). He is the co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles based production company This is Just a Test Media and the founder of Homey Living, a real estate investment and management company specializing in aspirational living for young professionals.

We wanted to produce a new lineup of shows that help to spark that flame of ambition and drive in people to really go for their business dreams, despite all the“We are inspired and driven to become an entrepreneur and achieve new levels of success by what we see on TV, streaming content and overall social media. I blood, sweat and tears it will take to really make it,” says Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Co-Founder of 10X Studios.

According to the press release, the entrepreneurial reality shows and docuseries shows in production with 10X Studios are the following:


Grant Cardone will be going to 12 different cities to hear pitches. This is for experienced deal-makers and wannabe’s alike; three finalists will be mentored then compete for a chance to win a FULLY FUNDED DEAL from Grant. Anyone from anywhere can change their life by real estate – contestants won’t want to miss their chance of striking their big deal. (Now casting for production in Phoenix 5/9 through 5/13, 2022.) The Real Deal - Video


12 hungry entrepreneurs are getting the opportunity of a lifetime, to compete to win $100k+ investment of startup capital and mentorship from business maverick Grant Cardone. But to win, they must prove they’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. (Now casting for production 7/25-8/12.) . Whatever it Takes - Video


First-time home buyers will bid on the home of their dreams, then are shown two other options, a multi-family property they can live in while making money, and an unexpected investment opportunity in real estate that provides the highest ROI. Do they invest in property for love or money? (Now casting for production in Phoenix 5/16 through 5/20, 2022)


Business Coaching is a $7.5 billion-dollar industry in the United States. This series features the most respected and successful business coaches in the world. Mega entrepreneurs and top CEOs rely on an elite group of business coaches for mentorship, problem-solving, and guidance. Each episode explores a different way to make millions. Never before has this group come together and nothing like this series exists. (Now Casting)


10X studios is launching a nationwide casting call for any investor under 35 who has a truly unique approach to investing in a variety of businesses. Millennials are investing more than any generation in history, and their criteria for investment is different than those who came before. Soon, they'll even become the wealthiest generation. 70% of millennials who stand to inherit some $30 Trillion+ say they plan to fire their family financial advisors - what they invest in and how they invest is more based on a personal relationship to the cause and/or the person behind the business. (Now Casting) . Millennial Investor - Video

MINI MOGULS (Working Title)

Never in history have there been more child CEOs. This new business series follows the real lives of 5 kid bosses as they scale their companies and try to become household names. (Now Casting) Mini Moguls - Video
Grant Cardone and Aengus JamesGrant Cardone

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