Should You Take Back Someone Who Ghosted You?

Niki Marinis

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You were dating someone and they up and ghosted you. Disappeared in the night. Super lame, man.

Why would someone do that? Well, it’s easier than having an actual conversation. The path of least resistance.

How much do you really owe someone you went on two dates with? Is that even considered ghosting?

I’m sure some needy, insecure people out there think it is. I think it’s just part of dating. If a guy isn’t asking me out, he’s not interested. Onto the next one!

True ghosting sounds more like someone you’ve consistently dated for a few months bailing with no word. There’s probably assholes out there who’ve ghosted after years. Extra fuck those people.

You’ll be tempted to question what you did wrong. The answer is nothing.

This isn’t about you, it’s about them and their issues. Your worth isn’t tied to whether or not someone else is interested in you.

You might wonder if they miss you. They might. But you’ll never know, and what’s more, you shouldn’t care.

Get angry that they had the audacity to treat you that way. Get angry at how little respect and care and concern they had for you. Focus on the flaws in the kind of person who would ghost you.

To hell with that bastard. Love yourself enough to know you deserve better than that.

But what if they come back? Should you take them back?

The real question is are THEY good enough for YOU if they DID come back?

Someone who ghosted you didn’t even respect you enough to properly end things. Do you want to be with someone who treated you that way?

Are they really as great of a person as you thought?

Take a good, long look at them with love-sober eyes. You’ll probably see they weren’t as awesome as you wanted them to be.

Above all else do NOT wait for them to come back.

Never wait for anyone. If they left, accept that as what they want, flip them the bird, and close the door.

The right person to be in a relationship with is one who wants to be with you.

Focus on making your life fabulous and feeling good about yourself.

Pursue your passions, do yourself up in a way that makes you feel awesome, and try new things and go to new places. Soon you’ll be attracting amazing people into you life who are better suited for you.

You’ll forget all about old whatstheirname.

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