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Taylor Parker Receives Death Penalty For Stealing Baby From Pregnant Friend

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On October 9th, 2020 at around 10:18 am in the morning, the New Boston Police Department received a 911 call from a woman who was screaming into the phone that someone had killed her baby. She was crying and completely distraught as she told the dispatcher that she had walked into her daughter’s home and found her lying on the floor. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered 21-year-old Reagan Hancock deceased. There was an abundance of blood found around the victim’s body and throughout the rest of the house on the walls, floors, appliances and furniture.

The woman who had found Reagan and phoned 911 was Reagan’s mother, Jessica Brooks. She was screaming to officers that they needed to check if the baby is okay because Reagan is 34 weeks pregnant. The paramedics are called into the home to assess the baby and when they turn Reagan’s body over, they discover a large gash across her stomach. It appeared that the baby has been cut out of her stomach and Reagan was no longer pregnant.

About the Victim

Reagan Michelle Simmons Hancock was born November 14, 1998, in Hope, Arkansas. She was described by her family and friends as being someone with a beautiful soul and a joy to everyone who knew her. She was an active churchgoer and member of her community. Along with her husband, Homer Hancock, she lived in New Boston, Texas with her three-year-old daughter Kynlee. She worked as a Customer Service Representative with Flying Burger but her biggest joy in life was being an amazing wife and mother. Reagan and her husband were over the moon excited to be welcoming another little baby girl soon, who they were going to name Braxlynn Sage.

And now that was over. Someone had violently taken Reagan’s life - but where was baby Braxlynn? Police wouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

Half an hour before Jessica Brookes would call 911 to report finding her daughter Reagan murdered in her home, there would be another call to come into the emergency line. A 27-year-old woman named Taylor Parker would call 911 to report that a state trooper was following her and she was going into labor so she needed an ambulance dispatched. The police officer pulls her over as Taylor cries into the phone that she has to get to Idabel, Oklahoma because that's where her doctor was located. He has her pulled over because she had been driving down the highway at a high rate of speed with her hazard lights on and she was driving erratically, almost hitting a pickup truck and a bicyclist.

She is still on the phone as the officer approaches her vehicle, a 2009 Toyota Corolla. Now according to this police officer, when he gets to the vehicle he sees Taylor Parker sitting in the car, holding a bloody baby wrapped up in a blanket. The baby does not appear to be breathing or moving at all.

It is very apparent that this baby has just been born as she still has her umbilical cord attached to the placenta, which appears to be down Taylor’s pants. She is covered in blood. Taylor pleads with the officer to put them in his car and drive them to Idabel. He in turn asks how old the baby is and she tells him maybe 35 minutes old. She tells the officer she has just given birth on the side of the road and the baby isn’t breathing. All of this is recorded on the officer’s body cam as well as on the recorded 911 phone call.

A good citizen sees the vehicles pulled over and stops to assist. Amanda Pirkey works at a nearby school and stopped to see if she could help the officer and the woman holding a baby. She would say that she had this gut feeling that she just had to stop. She drove back and tried to help Taylor with CPR on the baby.

It wasn’t working, but Taylor still refuses to go to the closest hospital, instead insisting that she must go to her doctor in Idabel. Eventually, the ambulance arrives on the scene. Taylor tells them that she was due to have the baby on September 30th but she went into early labour as she was leaving Walmart. The paramedic would note that they were very concerned because Taylor looked to be very small for such a late-stage pregnancy.

The paramedic determines that they need to take Taylor’s pants off to inspect her to make sure she was okay after just giving birth. When they cut them off with trauma sheers, the placenta that was down her pants falls on the floor of the car. They give her another pair of pants to wear that just so happened to be in her car and Taylor and the baby are transported to the hospital in Idabel. Sadly, the baby dies.

The doctors at the hospital want to check Taylor out too to make sure she is okay - which is to be expected if she just gave birth in her car, there is aftercare that needs to happen when a woman gives birth. Taylor refuses. It’s very clear at this point that Taylor did not just give birth to a baby and the doctors call the police.

Taylor Parker would admit to being in some sort of physical altercation with Reagon and she would tell the police that she abducted a child afterward. She kept the details mostly brief at first but don’t be fooled, what she did to Reagan was barbaric. Taylor would eventually admit to the police that she brought a scalpel to Reagan’s house and used it to slice her stomach open and take the baby. She said she left the scalpel at the house. Investigators who were now processing the crime scene at Reagan’s house couldn’t find the scalpel Taylor was referring to. It was only during Reagan’s autopsy that the medical examiner would find it still lodged in Reagan’s neck.

Reagan Hancock had been beaten and stabbed as many as 100 times by Taylor Parker before her baby was then cut out of her belly. Reagan fought for her life as she would have defensive wounds on her hands - she also fought for her unborn child’s life and the life of her three-year-old, who was also at the home at the time of the attack.
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What kind of person could do this to a pregnant woman? A monster like Taylor Parker. So let’s take a closer look at her background and what events lead up to this deadly day.

27-year-old Taylor Parker was said to have had a difficult childhood. When she was younger she was considered morbidly obese and those who knew her would say she had very low self-esteem. She really hated who she was - which led to her lying about almost everything in her life. She didn’t like the life she had, so she would create a new one over and over again.

Taylor would tell the craziest wildest stories from a very young age. When she was around 8-years-old, she would tell the kids she went to school with that she had cancer. Taylor wanted attention for all of the wrong reasons and she was committed to getting it. The problem is, most people were fully aware that her stories were complete lies. She was the kind of person who would carry on and push her lies until she was blue in the face. She’d never back down when confronted.

When Taylor was in high school, she would make up stories about having a long-term boyfriend. She would also lie and say that she was pregnant with this boy’s baby. When her friends would ask to see a photo of the boyfriend, she would make up excuses as to why she didn’t have any. She would also say that she miscarried the pregnancies. This happened several times until eventually Taylor actually did get pregnant while in high school. Many people believed that she did it on purpose because people were getting suspicious and she was developing a reputation as a liar. People believed she did it to finally prove to people that she was really pregnant.

There were other stories from high school about Taylor asking for her friends to take photos of their bodies and send them to her. It’s alleged that she would crop these photos to cut off the heads of her friends and then send them to guys she was catfishing online. I include these stories from those who knew her because she really has developed a pattern over the years of being a compulsive liar who will push the limits just to prove her point.

Later in life, Taylor would get married and divorced twice and she would end up having two children of her own. After having her babies, she would drop all of the weight. Some people believed that she had a tummy tuck and liposuction done because she was seen in a few different tummy tuck support groups talking about her surgery. Other people think that she got gastric band surgery - but whatever she did, she looked amazing and she carried herself in a new way. The new skinnier Taylor was much more confident.

At some point, Taylor would form a connection with Reagan Hancock. The two would meet online and develop this sort of social media friendship. They would meet up in person every so often, but Taylor was not someone Reagan would call a close friend. Most of their communication would happen online only.

Taylor would begin dating a man named Wade Griffin and they seemed like a really happy couple together. He would help to raise her two children and he would be over the moon excited to find out that he would be having a child of his very own. Taylor would announce her pregnancy in a very public way. She would post bump updates every week and ultrasound photos of her developing baby. This was something that she could connect with Reagan over because Reagan was expecting a baby of her own. They were both going to be having girls, which Taylor would reveal in an elaborate gender reveal photoshoot with Wade.

Taylor would take every opportunity to share pregnancy updates on her social media - but there was one catch. She had just about every family member of hers blocked on Facebook. She didn’t want any one of them to know what was going on in her life - and there was a very important reason for this. Taylor had a hysterectomy. It was not possible for her to be pregnant and her closest friends and family knew this. There was no way she could successfully convince her social media friends that she was pregnant with a little girl if those who really knew her were there to rain on her parade.

Taylor was willing to go the mile to really make her story believable. She knew that she had a history of lying and people knew it - but she wanted everyone to know that she was really pregnant this time. She would even go as far as to post photos on social media that would appear to show her in the hospital hooked up to IVs or oxygen, struggling with various pregnancy health scares. She loved the attention that a difficult pregnancy was getting her. Especially by her boyfriend, Wade.

This would be Wade’s first biological child and he was stoked. He was completely convinced that Taylor was really pregnant and didn’t understand why other people didn’t believe her. Taylor would even take him to her doctor’s appointments, but she would have him sit in the waiting room while she saw the doctor. She told them that this was their policy, and because of Covid they could only allow one patient into the examination room at a time. Of course, this was an absolute lie and who knows what she was actually there to see her doctor about.

At some point, Taylor is going to have to come clean about making up this entire thing. Well, that’s what one would expect her to do. Or to make up a new lie that could explain why she wasn’t going to the hospital and coming home with a baby. But Taylor was more dedicated to proving her lie to be true, that she was going to go much further than anyone expected.
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Taylor had a supposed date set for a scheduled c-section on October 9, 2020. The day before she is supposed to go for this c-section, she goes to Reagan’s house for a visit. It was sometime after 7 pm after Reagan’s husband Homer arrived home from work and they had dinner. Taylor has brought Reagan some gifts, something for the baby and a Starbucks coffee. Homer would later say that he heard them talking about the baby’s nursery and how Taylor wanted to help Reagan decorate it. Then he went to bed and isn’t sure what time Taylor went home.

The following day is Taylor’s scheduled c-section. The hospital where she has told her boyfriend and other friends she is going to deliver - well that hospital receives a bomb threat called in and it’s locked down. Taylor’s boyfriend Wade was supposed to meet Taylor at the hospital around noon time for her scheduled c-section, but now that couldn’t happen.

Also on this day, Reagan’s husband Homer receives a series of strange text messages from his wife that he would say didn’t sound like her at all. In these texts, she tells him she just wants to be happy and their relationship is not working out, which was totally out of the blue and sounded off to Homer. Around 9:34 am while he’s at work, Homer receives a Facebook message from a friend and neighbour who tells him that their puppy is out of the house. When he tries to call Reagan, she doesn’t answer. He calls again at 9:58. 10:02, 10:04, 10:06, 10:20, and when his wife doesn’t answer, he heads home as quickly as possible. He knows that something isn’t right.

Sadly by the time he reaches his home, the police are there with their lights on and the crime scene tape is already up around his property. Their daughter Kynlee was standing in the driveway with officers and that's where he learned that his wife Reagan had been murdered and his unborn baby had been taken from her stomach.

This was a simple case - it was very clear what had happened here, but no one could have imagined just how vicious and deceitful this killer was.

Taylor Parker was arrested and charged with capital murder, which is a death penalty case. The details surrounding Reagan’s murder would be released during the trial and they are disturbing. What this woman did goes beyond wanting to have a baby. She violently attacked Reagan, leaving her with gashes and bruises all over her body. In the end, Reagan would be stabbed by Taylor over 100 times, with 39 of them landing in her skull. The autopsy revealed that Reagan had a broken nose and five skull fractures. A scalpel was used to slice open Reagan’s pregnant belly and take the baby out - then the scalpel was lodged into Reagan’s neck.

During the trial, we also learned more about the timeline of events that occurred. The day prior to the murder, on October 8th, Taylor downloads an app on her phone called the Talkatone app, which allows the user to text or make phone calls over the Internet versus through data. Taylor was known to use these apps to text herself and to hide her identity when she wanted to text people she knew. According to investigators, Taylor was using one of these numbers to communicate with both Reagan and her husband Homer, including on the day of the murder.

The next morning is October 9, 2020, the day Taylor would kill Reagan and her baby. Taylor would be seen on the surveillance video of a convenience store called EZ Mart at around 6:46 am that morning. She is seen wearing a black jacket with leopard print lining the hoodie and a white t-shirt, as she goes inside to pay for $10 worth of gas.

At approximately 7:22 am, a city bus equipped with a camera drives by Reagan’s home and captures the house with the garage door down and no vehicles in the driveway. Sometime between 7:30 and 7:40 am, a neighbour reports seeing a dark-colored Toyota Corolla parked in front of Reagan’s house when she left for work. Later that morning at around 10 am, this neighbor received a phone call from her son who was at home. He told her that something weird was happening next door and that he heard screaming and crying. Unfortunately, it would be too late to save Reagan. The scream that he had heard was that of Reagan’s mother, Jessica, finding her body.

Another neighbor, who also happened to be a friend, also noticed something strange. Brittany Thompson was getting ready to go to the store at around 7:45 a.m. when she sees Reagan and Homer’s puppy had gotten loose. The Hancock home also has its garage door up, which was really strange because they usually kept it closed. Brittany sends Homer a Facebook message to let him know his puppy is out. Then she walks over to the home and notices the door is slightly ajar. She calls out but no one answers. She puts the puppy back in the yard and lets Homer know that his house door was open but no one appeared to be home.

Taylor would be pulled over with the baby in her car at around 9:30 a.m. that morning, which means that Reagan was likely killed at some point between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. In her vehicle, police would find a loaded revolver with five rounds in the chamber. They would also find a blood blanket and pillow, bloody paperwork and a bag of trash from McDonald’s. Yes, Taylor had gone to McDonald’s for food before driving to Reagan’s home to kill her and take her baby. There was a bloody diaper bag with baby clothes, diapers, and blankets. Every inch of blood found in that vehicle and on the clothing that Taylor was wearing, came back as a match to Reagan and her baby. None of the DNA was a match for Taylor.

Just last month, in October of 2022, Taylor Parker went on trial for capital murder. With all of the evidence presented, it took the jury less than two hours to find her guilty of capital murder and sentence her to death. She now sits on death row awaiting her date.

Taylor was a compulsive liar who left behind so many victims in the wake of her brutal attack. Beautiful mom-to-be Reagan and her unborn baby, her husband Homer and their daughter Kynlee. All of Reagan’s extended family and her poor mother, who had to find her body. And Taylor’s boyfriend, who clearly had no idea that his girlfriend was just stringing him along for the ride. He really believed he was going to be a daddy and I’m sure this was a complete shock to him.


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