Simple Taste

Niina Pekantytär

I often find it very difficult to talk about my artworks, which itself is quite an oxymoron, but I suppose it is based on the long-rooted belief I have that art is always a personal experience, and I don´t want to change the way the viewer sees it.

It is an oxymoron because, in order to sell art, one should be able to talk about it. I am starting to unlearn myself from this habit of not talking about my art and talking more about my artworks and illustrations. These will be short format articles and I will try to do this with every single one of my artworks.
"Simple taste"Niina Niskanen

Simple Taste

I painted this painting when I was in art school. I studied illustration at a university in Wales. I can say that I was a very erratic art student. There were times when I aced the assignments and got really good feedback from my tutors, and there were times when I absolutely sucked. Time has been a great friend in terms of my illustrations because I've noticed that the less stress I have the better paintings I make. University had so much stress and in my case, it often came outside the university, was it then apartment problems or me struggling with having bank accounts in two different countries (I am from Finland and I studied in the UK).

The simple taste was a fun assignment. We were asked to make illustrations for newsletter articles and I choose one about fusion food. One of my tutors gave me the best advice that one can give to a food illustrator.

“Make it look like it´s delicious and you want to eat it yourself”.

It´s so simple and makes so much sense.

The first version of the painting was not so great and I wasn´t so happy with it. I modernized the colour palette and I think it came out very nice and I got a good degree in the assignment.

What do you think? good enough to eat?

I do paint food images sometimes, but I don´t consider myself a food illustrator, but this piece is one of my most popular food illustrations.

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