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Throughout history dice have been used for gaming and gambling but did you know that they've been also used as a form of divination. Divination from dices is calledpodomantia. The oldest dices are from ancient Persia from the area of modern Iran and they are approximately 5000 years old. In Chinese dices, number 1 is often painted with red colour because red is the colour of good luck in Chinese cultures. Many times in Chinese dices numbers are painted black and red. Origins of modern dice are in ancient Rome in a flat small object called Alea. Alea had two sides. On the other side, it read yes and on the other side no. Another end was round and the other end was a squire. Alea was rolled like a dreidel and when it fall down a person could interpret the message. Later on, alea developed into a dice that had four sides. First dice were made of animal tooths and bones. After that dice that had six sides appeared and they were often made from clay, ivory and stone. Nowadays most dice are made of plastic or wood. For divination purposes, dices were thrown against large flat stones, animal skins and to the top of shaman drums. In divination, numbers symbolize different possibilities and actions that you can take in your life.

How to Interpret Dice

​For divination, it is recommended to use three six-sided dice. If you are outside find a large flat stone or draw a circle into the sand. If you are inside you can also draw a circle. Roll the dices in your hands and think about those things that you wish to get some clarity on. Throw dice into the circle.
Only interpret the ones that are inside the circle. If none of the dice gets into the circle this is not the right time for divination but you will get to wish something.


6 Eyes Interpretation

Six Eyes interpretation is done with one dice. This method can be used for asking questions where you get simple yes/no answers.

  1. Not right now. Something like this takes lots of time and planning.
  2. Yes but you have to be honest.
  3. Not right now. Is the problem in you?
  4. Only if you are careful.
  5. Don´t be afraid to take chances.
  6. Yes, but only if you mean it.


9 Eyes Interpretation

Count the numbers together. If you get a double-digit number count the number so that you will get a single-digit number. For example: 6 + 6 = 12 would be 1 + 2 = 3.

  1. Something unexpected is going to happen.
  2. Big life changes.
  3. You will need help from your loved ones.
  4. Be careful with your finances.
  5. You are going to meet new people and make some new friends.
  6. Play it safe. Don´t take too many risks.
  7. Be careful who you trust.
  8. Relax and pamper yourself.
  9. New possibilities and great events are ahead.


18 Eyes Interpretation

This divination is recommended for more complex issues and questions.

  1. Dead end. Troubles within the family.
  2. Things are not what they seem. What is the true cause of the problem?
  3. Happy surprises in love and friendship.
  4. Disappointments ahead. Bad time to start new projects.
  5. Your hard work pays off but doesn´t let it get into your head.
  6. Someone is trying to take advantage of you.
  7. Someone is spreading lies about you behind your back.
  8. Relax and pamper yourself.
  9. Love and good luck.
  10. Career promotion.
  11. Take care of yourself. Observe your health. Sad news.
  12. Legal problems. Ask advice from a friend.
  13. Don´t use wealth or possession as the measure of happiness.
  14. You have a secret admirer.
  15. Good time for new projects. Time to see which of your friends will stay by your side.
  16. The journey ahead or visitors from far away.
  17. If you want to make it take chances.
  18. Good luck and success. Don´t be afraid to do what you want.

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