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Money Buys Happiness

Nihar Nanavaty
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Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Another greedy New Yorker who lost his way; prioritizing money and fancy things over relationships.
You’re not wrong, but thats beside the point. Let me explain.

My parents moved to this country with no real financial means or literacy, through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, this is the case for many immigrant families. I assumed it was normal for every family to struggle with money, make rash financial decisions, take out loans and owe the government thousands of dollars. To some level, that may just be the case.
It wasn’t until my young adulthood that I noticed the irregularity of it all, and much later to actually understand my family for their mistakes and financial hardships, whether they were avoidable or not.

Most of my adolescence, money was talked about daily. Whether it was buying the fancy toy, a second mortgage, renovations, or the hell that is higher education funding; money was always relevant. This became second nature, forcing me to focus on income; where can I work next? how much can I make in high school? college?

As of late, these thoughts of generational wealth have been gaining strength. As a 23 year old whose career is just now gaining traction, I find myself worrying about my parent’s retirement; their debt, how long can they last without an income?

I can’t help but think about how different life would be if my family had access to generational wealth, if money was never a pressing topic for my family and I. Would my relationship with my family be stronger? Would I have been a completely different person, mentally stable even?

There is no real way of knowing this, but one thing is for sure:
When I find a way to create generational wealth for my present and future family, everyone will be much happier.
We can travel to gain perspective, live in comfortable houses, not constantly be worried about what happens if the income stops, and just be content.
Thus enabling us to prioritize what matters in life; family, health, relationships and passions.

Money buys freedom, which allows us to be happy.

I’m convinced that money enables one to focus on living life to the best of their ability. It is much harder to develop a relationship with a family that is constantly stressed about money.
It is much harder to find your passion when you need to dedicate 40+ hours a week to a job that you do solely for the paycheck.
It is much harder to prioritize your health when you don’t have the budget to pay for a physical or mental therapist.
The list goes on.

As we all learn about ourselves and what drives us, some have the ability to not consider money as a factor, others simply don’t have that option.
Choose wisely.

*Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer*

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