Taking dad out for Father’s Day eats? Here are five hotspots for tacos in Pinal County

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By Nicole Underwood / NewsBreak Pinal County, AZ

Street taco options at Taqueria Los PlebesTaqueria Los Plebes website

(PINAL COUNTY, AZ) - Tacos are synonymous with the Sonoran Desert. With so many options to choose from in the Valley, it may be difficult to know where to start. Not a taco fan? No worries. Many of these locations are also home to other Mexican cuisine favorites you’ll be sure to enjoy. We searched a few spots many might have not tried yet to showcase a variety of options. Here are a few top locations in Pinal County to choose from that you’ll be proud to bring your padre to.

1. Taqueria Los Plebes - Casa Grande

Taqueria Los Plebes has classic cuisine you are sure to love. From some Southwestern staples like burro de adobada, caramelo grande, asada fries, and delicious carne asada, their menu is packed with flavor. Known for their street taco style served ala carte with homemade tortillas, be sure to pair your favorite tacos here with rice and beans or elote.

Feeling more famished? Include an order of stuffed poblano peppers, a quesadilla, or a Sonoran dog along with your order. They also offer a variety of burros, caramelos, and carne asada fries. Definitely a local gem worth the visit.

Delicious carne asadas at Tacos y Dogos CuliacánTacos y Dogos Culiacán website

2. Tacos y Dogos Culiacán - Apache Junction

Another street taco spot off the beaten path, if you are looking for authentic tacos, this is a top taco spot to try. Only open in the evening, Tacos y Dogos Culiaican is a tasty food truck that keeps folks coming back for more. From classic Sonoran dogs and quesadillas to packed burritos and salchipapas, be sure to come here hungry. Taco flavors include all the staples: asada, grilled beef, pastor (marinated pork), cabeza (beef cheek) and lengua (beef tongue.)

Customers rave about their flavorful asada tacos and guacamole to dollop on your meal. Need something refreshing to wash down your meal? Enjoy traditional flavors of Jamaica and horchata beverages to pair with your tacos. You may need seconds here.

Generous dinner platter at Casa PalominoCasa Palomino website

3. Casa Palomino Mexican ​Restaurant - Coolidge

A local spot with a story. Since 1994, Dionne and Tony Palomino have operated this humble restaurant. Originating from Chihuahua, Mexico with over 40 in the restaurant industry, this family establishment boasts that their food is "just like mama used to make," with delicious homemade tortillas and salsas.

They offer generous portions of classic Mexican cuisine in the remote area of Coolidge, with a friendly staff that is like an extension of the family. Restaurant is also near the Casa Grande ruins, another great “flavor” of the area for dad to explore before or after your meal.

Popular taco options at Valeria's TacosValeria's Tacos Facebook

4. Valeria’s Tacos - San Tan Valley

Making our way through Pinal County, take a stop in San Tan Valley with your family to enjoy a taste of Valeria’s Tacos, operating for the past decade. They offer plenty of options to cure your taco cravings, plus: “Burritos. Tacos. Quesadillas. Nachos. Birria. And More.”

Simple and delicious, with “super taco options” on their menu, to include a big corn tortilla taco with melted Monterey cheese, classic homemade pico de gallo, and fresh avocado slices to any order. Now with the opportunity to pair your crunchy or soft tacos with a delicious margarita, or to order from their local food truck, you can enjoy these consistently flavorful tacos on Father’s Day - or any day!

Shredded chicken tacos at Little SombreroLittle Sombrero Yelp! Page

5. Little Sombrero - Casa Grande

Based purely as a crowd favorite, Little Sombrero has no website or social media, which doesn’t stop the locals from enjoying their delicious fare for over 40 years. Juicy, shredded beef or chicken tacos, generous options and great price for the quality. No frills here, just good and classic Mexican food that is a crowd favorite. While their hours aren’t always consistent, the quality of their food is, including their bean burrito enchiladas, cheese crisps and green chili. Places that stay around for over four decades are worth a trip - enjoy.

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