5 Dating No-No's

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Dating can be difficult and though you might feel like you are comfortable with the person that you are going out with, the truth is that the two of you are probably still trying to get to know each other. Knowing this, there are specfic things that you shouldn't do on a date. Here are five of important things to remember.

1. Don't talk about your ex.

Talking about an ex on a date can create bad vibes between you and the person that you are dating. He or she might start comparing him or herself to your ex or he or she might think that you are still into your ex because that is where your focus is. Try to concentrate on the person in front of you and start him or her off with a clean slate. This might help the two of you create your own path in the dating world without having to worry about the flaws of past relationships.

2. Don't take your date's food without asking.

Though this might be common sense for some, it isn't for all. Some people don't like other people touching their food. If you are interested in what your date selected for his or her dinner choice, ask if you can try some of it. There is nothing wrong with asking, but it can be off-putting for someone to take food off another person's plate.

3. Don't pick your nose at the table.

Your date has come out to see you, and you want to make sure that you are showing your good attributes and not your bad habits. Try to refrain from picking your nose while you are on the date, especially at the table. This might end the date faster than it started.

4. Don't forget your manners.

Opening doors and saying please and thank you can go a long way on a date. The other person is going to want to feel like you are respecting him or her, and if you aren't using your manners, he or she might not feel that way. Do your best to show your date that you care about him or her by showing your best side.

5. Don't ignore your date.

Instead of answering phone calls and texts while the two of you are out, try putting your phone on silent. This might prevent your date from feeling ignored. Also, do your best to incorporate your date into your conversation. Not all people are outgoing, so once in a while, you might want to give your partner a little nudge by talking about a topic he or she is interested in or asking him or her for his or her opinion.

Do your best to show your best attributes while you are on your date. You want to show your selling points, so the other person knows what they are getting into. If you show your weak points right away, your date might not get a clear picture as to who you are and how you could fit into his or her lifestyle.

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