Dating and the Bathroom Hog

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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You might have been dating someone for a while, and though the two of you may get along most of the time, there might be one issue. You might have an issue that your partner spends a lot of time in the bathroom and doesn't give you the chance to use it when you need to. So, what do you do if your partner spends a lot of time in the bathroom? How do you handle this situation? Though the answers to these questions may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Talk to your partner about this issue.

Tell your partner how you feel about this issue and listen to what he or she has to say about it. Try to find a way to compromise on a solution that both of you can agree on.

2. Create a schedule.

Try to create a schedule that works for both of you so you can take turns using the bathroom to get ready. This might allow both of you to have the time that you need without taking time away from the other person.

3. Set a timer.

If it seems like it is difficult to keep track of time when one of you needs the room, then set a timer so each of you know how much time you have to use the room without taking the other person's time. This can help both of you develop a quicker routine, which might prevent an argument when it comes to whose turn it is to use the room.

If you have an issue with how much room your partner spends in the bathroom, then talk to him or her about it. Try to create a schedule so both of you have time to use the room, and if necessary, set a timer so you both get equal time.

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