Dating and the Messy Drawer

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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You might have been with someone for a while and though the two of you might love and care about each other, you may have one issue. You might have an issue that when your partner puts his or her clothes away, he or she just tosses them unfolded into a drawer. So, what do you do if your partner doesn't fold the clothes in his or her drawer? How do you approach this type of situation? Though the answers to these questions can be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Discuss the issue with your partner.

Let your partner know how you feel about this issue and listen to how he or she feels about it. Try to work out a way to solve the issue that both of you can agree on.

2. Designate folding duties.

Try to take turn folding the laundry. This might help both of you hold each other accountable when it comes to laundry and your partner might fold his or her clothes before putting them into his or her drawer because he or she will have to fold your clothes anyway when it is his or her turn.

3. Designate different duties.

If your partner isn't much of a folder, then see if he or she would be willing to put the clothes in the washer and the dryer while you take up the folding duty. This way, both of you can help with the laundry and use your strengths in order to get it done more efficiently.

If you have been with someone for a while but you have an issue that he or she just tosses his or her clean clothing into his or her drawers, then talk to your partner about this issue. Designate folding duties if you can, and if all else fails, try designating different duties.

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