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You might have been in a relationship for a while with someone that you connect with, and the two of you may have even made the next step and decided to move in with each other. Now, that the two of you are living in the same home, you might have started to notice habits that your partner has that bother you like him or her picking food off the floor to eat it. So, what do you do if you have a partner that is willing to eat things that he or she drops on the floor and it bothers you? How do you approach this type of situation? Though the answers to these questions can be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Discuss this issue with your partner.

Talk to your partner about why this habit bothers you and let him or her give you insight as to why he or she does it. Try to find a way to compromise on a way to solve this issue so that both of you are comfortable and agree.

2. Clean your floors more.

If you find that your partner is still eating things off the floor after the two of you have discussed this issue, then do your best to clean your floors more. This might help you become more comfortable with the behavior if there isn't a way to stop it.

3. Make a deal with your partner.

You might have habits that bother him or her as well, so make a deal to stop your bad habits if he or she stops his or hers. This might help the two of you get along better and it might stop both of your bad habits.

If you are with someone that you love but he or she has the habit of eating things after he or she drops them on the floor and this bothers you, then try to talk to him or her. Do your best to clean your floors more, and try to compromise with your partner.

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