Dating and the Firm Handshake

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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You might be in a relationship with someone that you are close to and like to spend time with, but when it comes to decision making, you might not feel like you have the opportunity to put in any suggestions. You might feel like your partner calls most of the shots, and you might be looking for a way to contribute to the decision making process in your relationship. So, how do you do this? What do you do so your opinion is heard? Though the answers to these questions may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Talk to your partner about this issue.

Let your partner know how you feel. Try to tell him or her that you would like to make more of the decisions when it comes to the things that the two of you do and your future. Let him or her talk to you about how he or she feels about this, and try to listen to what he or she says. Communicate with one another until the two of you are on the same page when it comes to understanding each other's view points.

2. Compromise with each other.

Take turns in making decisions that concern your relationship, and do your best to respect each other's decisions. Try to consider the other person when it is your turn to make a decision and try to make a decision that benefits both of you.

3. Speak up.

If it is your turn to make a decision for the two of you, try to be vocal about what you want to do and how you want to do it. If your partner disagrees, then sit down and talk to him or her once again and try to tell him or her why it is important that you make this specific decision.

4. Be patient with each other.

Even though things may not be done the same way that you would do them, try to be patient with the other person and give him or her a chance to make a decision on his or her own.

Making decisions in a relationship can be a difficult process, and it might be even more difficult if there is usually only one person making the decisions. So, try to communicate with each other on the decisions that you have to make. Try to compromise, and do your best to be patient with each other when you are taking turns making these decisions.

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