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You may be in a relationship where you and your partner hit a rough patch, and though the two of you are trying to work things out, you might have realized that one of your close friends or acquaintances is now paying more attention to you. After a while, you might suspect that this close friend or acquaintance has feelings for you and is waiting for you and your partner to break it off, and this might make the situation that you are in with your partner more difficult. So, what do you do if this is happening to you? How do you handle this situation? Though the answers to these questions might be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Keep your personal matters between you and your partner between the two of you.

Instead of confiding your every move to this close friend or acquaintance, do your best to discuss the issues that you are having with your partner. Try to work together to come up with a solution to your problems, and if it takes time to get where the two of you want to be, then keep the process of that journey between the two of you.

2. Find another friend to talk to.

Instead of relying on the support from the friend or acquaintance that might be attracted to you, try to find another close friend to talk to about your situation. Finding another friend might give you a fresh perspective and help you work things out with your partner without the pressure of knowing that someone is waiting for things to fail between the two of you.

3. Create distance.

Instead of spending time with the friend or acquaintance that might have feelings for you, try to find other things to do while you and your partner are working things out. This might help you reflect better on the situation that you are going through with your partner without being influenced by outside variables.

4. Tell your partner.

Let your partner know that you suspect that your friend or acquaintance might have feelings for you so he or she knows. Talk about this situation with your partner and work together to find a way to deal with it.

If you and your partner are going through a rough patch, you might be spending more time with your friends, but if you find out that one of your friends or acquaintances has feelings for you during this time, you might want to find another way to spend your time so you don't make matters more difficult to deal with.

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