Dating and Soft Launching

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If you are dating someone new and the two of you are still in the stage of getting to know each other, you might have talked about keeping your relationship to yourselves for a while. You might not be ready for friends and family to know, because you might want to make sure that you are serious before telling everyone else. So, what should you do if you are doing a soft launch of your relationship? How should you spend this time? Though the answers can be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Take the time to get to know each other.

Use this time to talk to your partner about his or her goals and what he or she thinks about the future. Compare your traditions and the things that you value, and explore each other's interests. You might also want to talk about what each of you want out of a relationship and your expectations when it comes to each other. Try to see if the two of you are able to combine your lifestyles to create a working relationship and determine your satisfaction in this relationship before taking the next step.

2. Talk about goals and make new ones together.

If the two of you determine that you do want to be together, then talk about the goals that you want to accomplish. Talk about your work schedules and how you are going to handle them. If you eventually plan to move into the same place, then discuss how that would work and make a plan. Talk about how you will introduce your new situation to family and friends and make a goal as to when you want to do this by. Try to make sure that you are on the same page and work together to take your relationship to the next step by creating these goals together and talking to each other about them.

3. Take a step forward.

Once the two of you have decided to let everyone know about your relationship, determine how you are going to do this. Discuss the pros and cons that this situation can bring and do your best to support each other while you are going through the process.

Though your friends and family might suspect that you are dating someone, you may be trying to take things slow before confirming this information. So, try to use the time to get to know your partner and talk about your goals. Then, when you both are ready to let everyone know that you are dating, work together to find the best way to announce this information.

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