Reusing Your Shoelaces

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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If you have recently replaced your shoes due to wear and tear, then you might still be wondering if there is a way to reuse any part of your old shoes. Well, there is. The shoes laces in your old shoes might be a useful item on your patio and in your yard, and though the ways that this item can be used may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions on how to reuse your shoe laces so you can get good use out of them.

1. Use it for your bird feeder.

Instead of hammering nails or hooks into your tree, use the shoe laces to tie you bird feeder to the tree. This can cause less damage and it can make it so you can adjust the height of the bird feeder if needed.

2. Use it for your plants.

If you have planter hooks on your house but do not have pots that are compatible with them, you can modify your pots using the shoe laces to create a hanging planter. First, find a flower pot that is made of hard plastic. Then, drill a hole on either side of the planter. Slip the shoe lace through each hole and create a knot on both sides on the outside of the planter. This can create a string for your planter to hang on so it can be hung on your outside hooks.

3. Use it for your chicken wire.

If you have large planters that animals and pests get into, you may use chicken wire to keep the animals out of your flowers. If this is the case, you can use the shoe laces to tie the chicken wire around these planters if you have no other way to secure them.

4. Use it to hold down furniture.

If you have plastic patio furniture, you might think about using the shoe laces to secure the plastic furniture to the railing on the patio. This might be useful if there is any storm where you are worried about your plastic furniture blowing around on the patio.

5. Use it to secure planters on your railing.

If you have planters that hook to your deck or patio railing, then you might use your shoe laces to better secure the planter hooks to the railing. You can do this by tying one end of the shoe lace to the planter hook, wrapping it around the railing, and securing another knot on the same railing hook. This might help if it is windy or if you have animals that get into these planters and knock them down.

Shoe laces can be reused for many things, so next time you are getting rid of an old pair of shoes, don't throw them out. Use the shoe laces so you can get the most use out of the pair of shoes.

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