The Domino Effect

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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It can be easy to go through life with a one-track mind, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities. However, by doing this, it can also be easy to impact another person's life without even knowing that you are doing it. Several things in life can have a domino effect. This means that one thing that is or isn't accomplished can affect someone else.

For instance, if you and your other half have chores that you split up and one of you decides not to do his or her chores that week, the chores still will need to be done. That means, that the other partner might end up having more on his or her plate, because he or she is trying to accomplish his or her own personal responsibilities plus the chores that were left behind from the partner that didn't do them.

In a work setting, there could be a group project that needs to be done, and if one person doesn't do his or her best with his or her part of the project, the whole team can fail. This could mean that the jobs of others are put in limbo by this one person's choice to not put effort into his or her task.

The domino effect can work in many areas of your life, so it may be better to consider this when you are deciding whether you should fulfill your responsibilities. Remember, there are other people out there that might be impacted by what you do, so try to do your best to accomplish the tasks given to you.

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