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If you are dating, there may be a chance that you have met a person that is more interested in you than you are in him or her. There may also be a chance that this person is nice, and you don't want to offend him or her by turning him or her down. However, if you have to turn someone down, because he or she really isn't your type, how do you do this, so you don't hurt his or her feelings? Is that even possible? Though the answers to these questions may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions on how to turn down a person gently.

1. Let the person know that you are just friends.

Be clear that you just want to be friends with the person that is crushing on you and tell him or her that though you aren't interested in a romantic relationship, you are still interested in hanging out together.

2. Tell the other person that you are interested in someone else.

If you already have your eye on someone else, let the person that is crushing on you know. Tell him or her that though he or she will be a good match for someone else, you already have feelings for another person.

3. Remove yourself from the situation.

If the person won't take no for an answer, then get ahold of one of your friends and have him or her take you somewhere else. You don't want to put yourself in a situation that is uncomfortable, so by removing yourself from the situation, you will be able to turn the person down without antagonizing him or her.

It can be difficult to turn another person down, but sometimes this is needed. So, be understanding and respectful while you tell him or her your honest feelings.

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