Dating an Extrovert

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If you are typically an introverted person, you may have some issues when dating an extrovert. You may wonder how you can satisfy both of your social needs without making either of you uncomfortable or upset and finding a way to do this may be difficult. So, is there a way to cater to your extroverted partner's needs? What can you do? Though the answers to these questions may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Have family gatherings.

By having family gatherings, you can make it so your partner has some socialization with others while you stay comfortable. Doing this allows you to be around others that you know well and in your own element. It also allows your partner the opportunity to have conversations with others while still spending time with you.

2. Suggest that your partner spends a night out with friends.

You could schedule one night a week where the two of you go your separate ways. You can enjoy a quiet night inside, while you partner goes out with friends and socializes.

3. Recommend that your partner stays in touch with family in friends via social media.

See if there is a way for your other half to communicate with his or her friends via video chat and social media, so he or she can stay in the loop while still spending time with you.

Having an extroverted partner might be difficult at times, especially if you are not a people person, but with a few changes, both of you could be happy and have your needs met.

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