Learning to Forgive

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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If you have been hurt, then it can be difficult to move on. You may be carrying the baggage from a broken relationship with you, and that baggage can get heavy to carry after a while. So, how do you move on? How do you forgive someone that has hurt you in the past, so you can concentrate on your future? Though the answers to these questions may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Realize your worth.

Understand that one person's actions doesn't define who you are or how you should be treated. Realize that you deserve better, and instead of focusing on the past, try to move towards the things in life that are better for you.

2. Understand that everyone makes mistakes.

Even though the other person may have been wrong for what he or she did, realize that no one is perfect, and everyone needs time to grow. Maybe, the other person didn't handle the situation correctly due to environmental reasons, or maybe, there was a maturity difference. Either way, know that no one is perfect, and understand that even if there was a reason that the other person acted the way he or she did, you do not have to accept that behavior.

3. Understand the signs.

Know what to look out for so you don't accidentally end up in the same situation again. Getting over the issue may have been difficult the first time, so try hard to avoid putting yourself in a situation where it can happen again.

Learning to forgive can be a long and difficult process, but after you go through with it, you may feel less stressed and free to move forward.

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