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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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Cleaning your house can be a pain, and it can be difficult to maintain everything and juggle a work and family life. Sometimes, the main areas of the house will be clean, but there are usually some spots that get missed. So, what are these hidden areas in your house that might need a little extra attention? Where do you look? Though the answers to these questions might be different for everyone, here are some suggestions.

1. Check your trash can area.

Sometimes you can get in the habit of throwing things away without really checking the trash container or the area where it resides. Check the wall or walls around the container and make sure the container is clean.

2. Check under the furniture.

You may vacuum every day. However, sometimes, we forget to take the time to check under our couches and chairs for stray food and dust. Check these areas every so often to make sure that they are tidy. It may prevent surprises later.

3. Check handles, remotes, and doorknobs.

Though these things may be used on a daily basis, you may not have thought about cleaning them. Use a disinfectant wipe to sanitize these areas so there isn't a buildup of dirt and gunk.

4. Check your fan.

If you use a fan to fall asleep, there is a chance that dust has collected on the blades. Do your best to clean this off, so you aren't blowing extra dust around your house.

It can be difficult to keep everything clean. However, try to take some time to check the hidden areas in your household once in a while. You may be happy that you did.

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