Avoiding Burnout

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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There are some days where it seems like the work never ends, and if you have a lot of these days then you might be feeling a little burnt out. But how do you avoid feeling this way while still accomplishing your goals? Is there anything that you can do? Though the answers to these questions might be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Take some time to yourself.

Schedule an hour or more for yourself a day. Use this time to do something fun or to just relax. Avoid answering phone calls and emails during this time and focus on what is right in front of you.

2. Prepare yourself.

Do your best to get your work supplies and daily needs organized and prepared. You could set out your work clothes. You could make a list of what you need to do. You could even set a schedule as to how long each task should take you. This may help reduce stress and enhance clarity.

3. Ask for help.

If you have a lot of work, you might want to ask someone else for assistance. Two sets of hands are better than one set, so see if there is a friend or co-worker that can take some of the responsibility off your back.

With proper preparation and the ability to walk away from your work and reflect when needed, you might find that you feel less stress. Everyone has work to do, and everyone needs a break once in a while, so don't be afraid to schedule time for yourself or ask for help.

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