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Just because you get to the dating phase doesn't mean that things always work out. There may be a time after dating a person for a while where you wonder if he or she really is the best option for you, and though conflicts in a relationship will occur from time to time, you don't want to settle for a person that isn't fully committed to the relationship. So, how do you figure out if you should break up with the person that you are with? How do you know if he or she is actually causing more stress than good in your life? Well, the answers to these questions might be different for everyone, but here are a few things to consider.

1. You have different values and morals.

If your morals and values don't align with one another, you may find that you act different in social settings and treat other people differently. Having conflicting values and morals can make things difficult, especially if you want to have a family in the future.

2. Your partner isn't supportive.

If your partner doesn't respect your work timelines and the time that you want to spend with your family, you may not be with the right person. Having a partner that support your work life and personal life can be helpful, and if the one that you are with doesn't support your dreams, then it might be time to move on.

3. Your partner is too focused on finances.

If your partner worries more about what you buy him or her than the conversations you two have and the affection between the two of you, then you might want to find a different person to date. Though money may be needed to pay bills and such, it isn't the center of everything.

4. Your partner is disrespectful.

If you are with someone that is disrespectful to those around you on a regular basis, you may want to find someone else to date. Having a partner that gets along with others and uses his or her manners can make social situations flow more smoothly.

5. You can't trust your partner.

If there is no trust in your relationship, then there may not be a relationship in the first place. Trust can be one of the primary building blocks of a relationship, so not having it may just cause more issues.

Not everyone that you date will be the one, so reflect on your relationship and decide if it is making you happy or bringing you more stress. Though all relationships have issues from time to time, the conflicts shouldn't be constant.

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