After the Honeymoon Phase

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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The beginning of a relationship can be great. During this time, the two of you might be getting to know each other, and you may be very polite and do your best not to offend each other. This is referred to as the honeymoon phase. People may like this part of dating as it is new and exciting. This is also a time where there may be more romance and intimacy.

However, there comes a time in a relationship when things begin to get serious. This might mean that the two of you get into your first fight or begin to realize your differences, and though this next stage might not be as exciting as the honeymoon phase, it can be an important time in your relationship. The time after the honeymoon phase gives a couple the opportunity to get their wants and needs out and express to each other how these wants and needs can be met. This is also a time where the future may come up.

In order to make a relationship work, a couple might discuss how they see their future together and what their individual goals are. By discussing these topics and their values, a couple could either advance to the next stage of their relationship or decide that they are two very different people with very different needs. Either way, the stage after the honeymoon stage is important as it can give couples a more realistic look at what their future can be like together, and if each person is open and honest, this stage of discomfort can be overcome.

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