Are You in in Charge of Your Conversation?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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When having a conversation, sometimes there is one person that is in control of the conversation and another that isn't. This isn't always sometime that can be seen by looking at the two people, but if you listen to what they are saying and how each of them are responding, you might be able to figure out who has control over the conversation. Though everyone has a different perspective on how to figure out who this is, here are a few suggestions on things to look out for.

1. The Good Listener

The person who has control over the conversation may be a good listener. He or she may be able to understand the other person's point-of-view, and he or she will probably refrain from responding erratically.

2. Less Ego Oriented

The person that has control over the conversation probably focuses on what is good for both parties instead of worrying about how the conversation is going to affect his or her ego. He or she might admit when he or she is wrong and be willing to compromise with the other person.

3. Not Swayed by Popular Beliefs

The person that has control over the conversation probably doesn't compromise his or her morals and values to satisfy others or fit in with a certain group of people. That person is probably more concerned as to what is right than doing something just to fit in.

Maintaining control in a conversation can be a difficult thing to do, and it may mean disregarding your ego and standing up to others. However, if a person has control over a conversation, he or she might find that the conversation flows smoothly instead of causing more disturbances.

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