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When dating, there is a chance that you will meet many people, and some of these people might not be ones that you would normally pick for a date. But that's the beauty of dating, isn't it? You get the chance to meet those that don't run in your normal circles. So, what happens if you are set-up on a date with someone that doesn't have the usual traits or personality that you would pick for yourself? How do you act? How do you give him or her a chance? Though the answer to this question may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Be open.

Treat the date just like you would a conversation with a friend. Be open and expressive and see if the other person reciprocates. You might just find that the two of you have more in common than you think.

2. Be respectful.

Don't be rude or disrespectful just because the person may not have been your first choice for a date. In order to learn more about each other, the two of you will need to respect each other, and by showing respect, you may find that it is reciprocated.

3. Think of the pros and not just the cons.

Picture what it would be like to have the other person in your life. Does the person have a good job? Can the person emotionally support you? Does the other person like to do the same things that you do? Examine how the addition of this person in your life would affect you on all levels.

Dating someone that isn't your regular type can be interesting. You may find that the other person has more in common with you than you think, or you may find that even though the other person is different from you, he or she may be just what you need.

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