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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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If you have asked someone on a date, you may be wondering how fast you should move. Does everything need to go fast, or can you take it slow? What does your partner think? How do you even approach the subject? Now, the answer to this can be different for everyone, but here are a few suggestions on how gauge the speed on your new relationship.

1. Communicate about your needs and wants.

Both partners need to communicate about their expectations when it comes to the relationship and about how they show affection. Getting this out in the open right away can help prevent confusion and create an environment where things go at the speed that is comfortable for both parties.

2. Respect each other's boundaries.

If your partner decides that he or she isn't ready to move very fast, then respect his or her boundaries. Know what offends your partner and what is okay and move at a speed that is comfortable for both of you.

3. Don't assume that you need to replicate a relationship.

Just because your friends may be moving faster with the ones that they are with, doesn't mean that you have to. Remember the relationship that you have with your partner is between the two of you, so be sure to focus on what you two want and need instead of worrying if you are keeping up with others that are around you.

Everyone takes their relationships at different speeds, and this is okay. You don't have to keep up with anyone else. You just need to make sure that the speed that you take it is comfortable for both you and your partner.

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