When It Is Just Her Friend and Nothing More

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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When you get into a relationship with another person, it can be common for you to be introduced to his or her friends. But what happens if you find out that your other half has close friends that are both male and female? Should you worry about him or her leaving you for a friend? Is it okay for him or her to hang out with people from both genders? Though this question has a different answer for everyone, some would say that it should be okay.

Just because your other half has a friend that is the same gender in which he or she dates, doesn't mean that he or she is attracted to that person. Think about it for a minute. Why is that person just a friend in the first place? If he or she has been friends with your other half for a while, then ask your other half if he or she ever dated that person or had a crush on him or her, and if he or she says that it wasn't in the cards, then that can tell you that he or she isn't interested in the person in that way.

People connect with others on different levels. Sometimes, the connection doesn't have to do with gender at all. Therefore, your other half should be able to have friends of both genders without there being an issue. If you still have concerns, be sure to communicate with your partner about them, and maybe, the two of you can set boundaries. Whatever you decide to do, remember your partner is dating you and not the person that you are worried about.

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