Am I Boring?

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You may have been spending time with your other half and having a good time when he or she turned around and asked you the one question that ruined the mood. Why are you so boring? If this has happened to you, you might have hurt feelings, and you may not know what to do to mend the divide caused by this accusation. What can you do to make things better? Are you really boring? Why does your other half think this? Though the answers to these questions and the ways to solve this issue may be different for everyone, here are some suggestions on how to fix the situation.

1. Talk about it.

Ask your other half why he or she called you boring. Find out if he or she just said it in a moment filled with emotion or if he or she meant what he or she said. Try to find the reasoning behind this accusation and ask your partner how he or she feels like the two of you can fix it.

2. Open up to your partner.

Let your other half know how you felt about him or her calling you that and open up to him or her on a more personal level. Maybe, you have been closed off due to not wanting to be hurt, so maybe he or she hasn't really gotten to know you on that deeper level. Let your other half know that you have more to you than what he or she sees on the surface.

3. Mix things up.

Make an attempt to try new things with your other half. Maybe, it's not you after all. Maybe, your other half is just bored with having the same dating routine. See if your significant other is up to trying out new activities and incorporate these activities into your date nights.

Most people don't want to be called boring by their other half, and hearing this can be hurtful. However, sometimes the other person's emotions are misdirected. Maybe, your significant other is just craving more zest in his or her life. Maybe, it isn't you at all. So, talk to your partner, try new things, and attempt to be more open about your emotions.

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