Gaming Versus Attention

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Is your significant other spending more time playing video games than he or she is with you? If this is happening, then you might feel stressed out or even neglected. So, how do you handle this situation without causing more separation between you and your partner? Well, the answer is different for everyone, but here are a few suggestions.

1. Talk to him or her about it.

Tell him or her how you feel and see if he or she realizes that the gaming has come between the two of you. Have a conversation about both of your needs and try to compromise, so that both of your needs are addressed.

2. Set a limit on game time.

Even adults may need limits on game time sometimes, so make an agreement that the gaming in the house can only occur between certain time frames. This can give both of you what you want.

3. Find activities to destress that you can do together.

If your other half is using gaming as a way to destress, try to find some activities that the two of you can do together to relieve your tensions. This could create a bigger bond between the two of you and be the beginning of new habits.

Though gaming can get in the way of a relationship, there are some ways to curb this issue. First, try to communicate about it, and then set boundaries. Doing this can help both of you feel like winners and possible improve your relationship with one another.

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