Why Apples and Oranges?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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There are several times in life where you might be in a position where you need to get along with a person that is very different from you. This can be difficult if you don't know what to say or do to form a bond with the other person, and it can be a confusing thing to navigate if you have different ways of going about things. However, getting along with a person that is different than you are doesn't have to be quite a challenge. Though everyone might have a different way to navigate this situation, here are some suggestions on how you can do it.

1. Find something that the other person is interested in.

Start a conversation with the other person and ask about a topic that he or she is interested in that you don't know too much about. You might find that you are interested in that subject as well.

2. Find something that you two do have in common.

Though it might be difficult to find, there is a good chance that the two of you have at least one thing in common, even if it is where you shop for your shoes. So, find that common ground and try to bridge the gap in your relationship with one another.

3. Be polite.

While communicating with the other person, always show respect and show him or her that you are listening. This might help the two of you communicate more efficiently.

Though it can be difficult to navigate a conversation with someone that is different than you, it is not impossible. Try to find an interest that you do have in common. Learn about something that the other person is interested in and be polite. You might find that the two of you have more in common than you think.

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