Conversational Mishaps

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Talking to another person for the first time might be stressful, and you might not know what to say. Sometimes, these conversations go well, while other times, you might be left wondering, what just happened? Well, we all make mistakes when communicating with others, and though the answer to that question might be different for everyone, here are some suggestions on what not to do during a conversation.

1. Don't interrupt.

Most people want to be heard and acknowledge, so if you have a habit of interrupting, do your best to keep your cool. Let the other person know that you hear what they are saying and respond in the appropriate manner.

2. Don't change the subject too soon.

If someone is telling you a story, try to avoid changing the subject before the story is over. If you change the subject too soon, he or she might think that you don't care about what he or she is saying to you.

3. Try to keep your focus.

Everyone gets distracted from time to time, but if you are turning around to have a side conversation with someone else, the person that is talking might get offended. So, try to keep your attention focused on the person that is speaking, and if you need to address someone else, politely excuse yourself.

4. Be responsive.

Let the other person know that you heard what he or she said by responding to the conversation. Add to it instead of dropping the subject after he or she is finished talking.

Conversations can be difficult to navigate, but with a little patience, focus, and attentiveness, you might find that you are actually intrigued by what the other person is saying. So, try to be mindful when talking with others and show them that you care about what they are saying.

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