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After dating someone for a while, the person that you are with may want you to meet his or her family. This can be a big step for a lot of people, and he or she may be testing you out to see if you fit in with the loved ones in his or her life. Therefore, this type of event can cause a lot of stress, so you might wonder what you can do to ease the tension and make the meeting go more smoothly. Though the answer to this question can be different for everyone, here are some suggestions.

1. Be respectful.

Use your manners when you meet your partner's parents. Make sure you thank them for attending the meeting. Also, do your best to say please and thank you when it is appropriate.

2. Pay attention to their mannerisms.

Try to pay attention to the nonverbal language that your partner's parents display to make sure that you aren't doing something unpleasant. Do your best to open up, and make sure that you follow the rules of their house if you visit them at home.

3. Communicate appropriately.

Do not use crude language or jokes while in the presence of your partner's parents. Keep everything PG and do your best to be responsive to the questions that are asked. Also, try to listen to the conversation and add to it. This can show that you are interested in the topic that is being discussed.

Meeting your partner's parents can seem like a stressful situation, but it doesn't have to be. Just remember to use your manners, be attentive, and add value to the conversation.

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