Deflection in a Relationship

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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There are times in relationships where we might make a mistake. This can be a little mistake or a big one. However, deflecting the situation instead of owning up to it can cause more problems than the problems that you originally started with. Therefore, it is important to step up when something goes wrong and own up to it.

You might be worried about how the other person will respond if you apologize, or you may be afraid of feeling guilty about the situation. However, by owning up to your mistake, you may be showing the person that you are with that you are truly sorry, and this might help build the trust back up between the two of you.

When you deflect a situation or blame the reasoning behind the situation on something else, the other person in the relationship may begin to think that you cannot take responsibility for your own mistakes. This might make the other person in the relationship wonder if you will make the mistake again, which in turn can impact the trust that he or she has for you.

Also, if you deflect a situation, then the other person might think that you don't care that it happened, which can result in him or her wondering if you truly care about him or her. Though it is a difficult thing to do, it is important to own up to your mistakes. Acknowledge them and make a plan to move forward. Doing this might help prevent resentment in the relationship.

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