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There may be times in your relationship that though you love and care about your partner, you need time to yourself. You might need this time to think or reflect, or you might just need it to relax. However, when you feel like this, what is the best way to tell your partner what you need? Will he or she understand why you need that time? And what if he or she doesn't need the same thing? These are all good questions, and though everyone does things in a different way, some people might find it difficult to talk to their partner about the need for time alone.

It isn't wrong to want time to yourself. Maybe, you are dealing with issues at work. Maybe, there are family matters going on, or maybe, you just need some time to regenerate and find yourself again. No matter the reason for your need, it is important to be honest with your partner about your feelings. Let him or her know why you need this time and explain that it is something that you need for your own personal growth.

If your partner is worried that your need for this time is due to an issue with your relationship, sit down with him or her and explain why you actually need this time. Help him or her understand that though you need this time, it doesn't mean that it will change your relationship. Let him or her know that it might actually benefit both you personally and your relationship as a whole.

Needing time alone isn't the worst thing that a person can ask for, but it is important to allow your partner the chance to ask questions about this need and give him or her the time to understand why it is necessary.

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