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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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If you are a shy or quiet person then dating might be a difficult subject for you. You may want to date someone, but it might be hard for you to find a person that is compatible with you. It might also be hard for you to approach a person when you do find someone that you are interested in. Maybe, you aren't one for going to the clubs and bars to meet someone. Maybe, you would like a person that is more into the things that you want to do. This situation can be difficult to navigate, but it is not an impossible one to overcome.

If this is an issue in your life, then you might want to look for a companion in the places that you regularly frequent. This can help dismiss the worries that the other person doesn't have the same interests as you, and it might help spark a conversation on a topic that both of you love. You don't have to enjoy nightlife to find a date. Remember if you aren't one for nightlife and going out on the weekends, there is probably someone else out there like you.

If it is difficult for you to approach someone that you are interested in, consider taking a friend with you to help get the conversation started. Try to find a subject that both you and the person that you are interested in like, and when things get comfortable, signal for your friend to leave, so you can get to know the other person and decide if he or she is still someone that you would like to date.

It might seem difficult to find someone in the dating world when you are shy, but it is not impossible. Remember there are other people out there like you, and you never know when you will run into a person that clicks with you.

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