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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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When you are in a relationship, there may be a time or two that you go out with friends and talk about the other person that you are with. You might want to tell your friends about your experiences with the other person, and in some cases, you might even want your friend's opinion on the one that you love. However, while discussing this topic with your friends, you might encounter a situation in which one of your friends wants to give you advice.

Friends like to give advice at times in order to help you navigate the difficulties that you might be experiencing in your love life. Though it can be nice to know that someone has your back, it can also cause conflict in your relationship if the advice is taken the wrong way. Just because a friend gives you advice doesn't mean that his or her advice is the best way to do things. It is a suggestion. Therefore, it is up to you to analyze your relationship and make your own decisions as to what to do in order to make sure that the relationship that you are in works for both you and the person that you are with.

You should try to remember that you aren't in competition with the person that you are dating. Just because there might have been a conflict doesn't mean that the conflict can't be resolved, and in some cases, your conflicts and personal matters in your relationship should stay between you and the person that you are with. You might not want to put yourself in the position where it is you and your friends against the person that you love as trust and security can be big indicators as to whether the relationship will work.

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