Does Long-Distance Matter?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Dating a person that doesn't live in the same area as you can be difficult, especially when you are used to spending certain occasions with the one that you love. However, this type of relationship isn't rare, and some people can make it work. But how do they do that? How do they manage to work together from so far away and still keep the spark in their relationship? The answer is different for everyone, but here are a few suggestions that might help.

1. Keep in constant communication.

Make sure that the two of you are communicating regularly about your lives. Tell each other about your days and learn about what makes the other person happy and sad.

2. Be honest.

Be honest about who you are and what you want and need. Don't disguise your feelings with other emotions just to make the other person feel a certain way. Be who you are and let the other person get to know you.

3. Stay true to the person that you are dating.

Don't get into other romantic relationships while dating the other person. The two of you are dating, which might mean that you are getting to know each other so that someday your relationship can grow into something bigger. Therefore, if you meet someone else that you are interested in, be honest with the person you are dating long-distance and break off that relationship before going into another.

Dating someone long-distance can be difficult, but it isn't impossible. If you are honest, true to yourself, and keep in constant communication it might work out better than you thought it would.

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