Why Not Do It Alone?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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That day where couples show their affection for each other is almost here, and you may be wondering what you are going to do. Some people might think that it is important to have a date for Valentine's Day, but what if you aren't with anyone? Should you go out and find someone at the last minute so that you have a date for that day? How will others see you if you are alone? Well, if these are questions that you have been asking yourself, then try to relax. Not everyone has to have a date for Valentine's Day. It's okay if you don't have a date.

Though Valentine's Day is typically a day where couples celebrate, there is nothing wrong with spending that day with your friends. If you have other friends that are single, maybe you can organize a small party at your place. Plan a nice meal for you and your guests and create a couple of games that you all can play. This might help you worry less about the idea that you don't have a date and focus more on the people that you have in your life at the moment.

You can also add other activities to your party itinerary. Maybe, your friends like facials and manicures. Maybe, a nice movie is more your flow. Plan a party that all of you will enjoy and keep the mood positive so you aren't worrying about what you don't have and are thinking about what you do have.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a drag. It can be a lot of fun. Who says that you have to have a date to celebrate? Instead, why not just have fun with a couple of close friends?

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