Is Your Job Dragging You Down?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Work can be stressful, and some of us might have an issue getting rid of the stress that we have endure throughout the day. We might be looking for a way to feel more peaceful and get our job out of our mind. So, how do you do this? What can you do to take time to yourself and feel more peaceful? Though the answer may be different for everyone, here are a few suggestions.

1. Take a nice bubble bath.

Reflect on your thoughts while practicing self-care. Light a couple of candles and play some soft music while you enjoy your time alone with relaxing bubbles.

2. Read a good book.

Spend some quiet time reading a book from one of your favorite authors. Allow yourself to get out of your mind while you explore the depths of your imagination.

3. Go for a run.

Use that stress to motivate yourself during a long run. Take in the scenery while working out your muscles.

4. Call a friend.

Talk to one of your close friends on the phone. Let him or her know about your day and listen to him or her tell you about his or hers. You can give each other advice or just allow each other a listening ear.

5. Cook a nice meal for yourself.

Why not allow yourself a chance to be creative in the kitchen? Put together a few ingredients to make one of your favorite dishes and enjoy a nice meal.

Work can be stressful but taking time to unwind can help you feel less stressed and more motivated. So, don't let your business life consume you. Take time for you.

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