Changing the Bad Boy Perspective

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Labels. These can be some of the most devastating titles that society can put on us. However, do we really have to live by these labels? Can't we break out of the box and become who we truly are? Yes, this is possible. However, change may be needed to do this.

Sometimes, people get it set in their minds who we are. That can have an impactful result on how we see ourselves. As we get older, we may grow to change, and the labels that were originally donned upon us by others could no longer be relevant to our true selves. So, how do we get others to see this? How do we grow when there is a constant idea of who we are in the minds of others?

Well, one thing that we can do to grow is to change our environment. Instead of hanging around the same people, find a different group to spend time with. This may give you a chance to branch out and explore who you want to be without living a label of your past.

Another thing that we can do to be ourselves is to create a routine of daily reflection and make a goal to live our truth. This might help you feel freer to be yourself without concerning yourself with what others think about you.

Also, you can add activities and routines into your life that help you feel more like you. This might help you branch out while allowing you to explore new experiences on the way. Doing something new might also introduce you to new people that see you how you want to be seen.

We don't always have to live by the labels that society puts on us. Sometimes, a little distance and change can make the biggest differences. So, if you are ready to abandon the label that others have put on you, be courageous and try something new. Maybe, you will be happier that you did.

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