Can Having a Pet Impact Your Relationship?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Okay, so you meet this wonderful person. You go out a couple of times, and you decide that you might want a relationship with him or her. Nevertheless, there is one problem. The other person isn't a pet person, and you wonder how it is going to work out with him or her and your furry friends. Can you really get into a relationship with a person that doesn't like animals? Will it work? What if you already have pets? These are all very good questions, and though the situation might change from relationship to relationship, there are a couple good indicators as to whether you two can really make it work.

1. The other person says he or she isn't a pet person, but he or she is kind to animals.

Maybe, the other person isn't completely against having a pet. Maybe, he or she just thinks that he or she isn't a pet person, because he or she is scared about the responsibility that it takes to have a pet. In this type of a situation, the person might change his or her mind once he or she sees how fun it can be to have a pet and that the work of caring for a pet isn't all that bad.

2. The person has never had a pet before.

There is a chance that the person that you like has just never had the experience of having a pet. Maybe, he or she isn't sure what to expect, so instead of taking a chance he or she has just closed him or herself off to the idea of it. There might be a way to work this out. The other person will have to explore the experience of having a pet around, and if things turn out right, he or she might just find that the experience is better than he or she thought it would be.

3. The person really doesn't like or want a pet.

If this is a case, then it might be better to part your ways. Your pets were there first, and they are part of your life, so if the other person can't accept this, then it might not work out anyway.

Navigating the idea of dating a person that doesn't like pets can be difficult. However, you have to know what you want and see if the other person is willing to compromise. If he or she is willing to move forward, knowing that you have pets, then the two of you might just be able to make things work.

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