When is it Okay to Text Back?

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When you start dating someone and you are getting to know each other, it might be difficult to discern how to handle texting. Some people might feel like they need to wait to text back to show that they aren't desperate for a relationship, while others may not follow any rules at all. So, when is it okay to text back?

1. If the person that you like texts you, it might be okay to text back.

Why not answer a text if someone sends you one? Obviously, that person is trying to communicate with you, so unless you are busy doing something else, then texting back might just show the other person that you are interested in what he or she has to say.

2. If you like the person that texts you, it might be okay to text back.

If you like someone, not texting them might send mixed signals like you aren't interested or he or she might think that you are invested in more than one person and still dating around. So, texting back might be a way to show that person that he or she is still on your mind.

3. If you are on good terms with the person that texts you, it might be okay to text back.

If the text that you receive is positive in nature, then it might be okay to text him or her back. You might want to avoid texting if there was a conflict between the two of you, and the other person isn't texting positive things. However, if both of you are on good terms, why not send him or her a text?

Texting back doesn't have to be a mindboggling ordeal. Use your best judgement and avoid playing games. People usually like it when others are upfront with them, so if you feel like it is a good time to text back, go for it. You might just find out that the other person likes your assertiveness.

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