Can You Trust?

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Building trust in a relationship can be different for everyone depending on their needs. Nevertheless, this is something that many people want in a relationship. So, if you are in a relationship with someone else, how do you build that bond with them? What does it really take? Well, in some cases, it can take a lot of attentiveness and the willingness to listen.

One way that you can build trust with another person is to confide in them. If he or she is willing to confide back, that might be a good sign. Communication can be nice when it is reciprocated from both sides and knowing that the other person is willing to share as much information with you as you are with him or her might make everything run more smoothly.

You might also want to see if the person that you are with is willing to stand up for you when another person puts you down or makes a comment against your character. If he or she is willing to stand up for you, then it could be a good indicator that he or she is someone that is trustworthy.

Finally, you might want to see how the other person is when you hang out with friends and family. If he or she actively participates and is okay with you going out with the people that you love, then this might be a good indicator that he or she is in the relationship for the right reasons. In a lot of cases, people want the one he or she is with to get along with family and friends, so the ease of being able to go out when you please may signal that there is trust in the relationship.

Trust isn't always an easy thing to obtain but having it can help the two of you grow. So, pay attention to your other half, and you decide if there is trust in your relationship.

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