Separation in the Midst of Love

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Sometimes when you find the right person, the circumstances aren't as easy as you thought they would be. Many people end up in long distance relationships, and this can be difficult. It can be hard not to be able to see the other person every day and even more difficult when you aren't able to be an active part in their life on a consistent basis. Therefore, the big question remains. How do you make a long-distance relationship work? Well, here are some suggestions.

1. Make a plan to call each other at a certain time each day.

Though talking on the phone isn't the same as seeing each other in person, it can be a good way to keep communication flowing. Tell the other person about your day and the situations that you went through and see how he or she responds. This can be a good way to keep the lines of communication flowing.

2. Find virtual experiences that you can share together.

Sometimes museums and parks allow for remote, online tours. Maybe, the two of you can take a tour together and discuss what you like and dislike. This can be a good way to experience something together without having to be in the same place.

3. Write to each other.

Though it can be easier to communicate online, the emotions that can be displayed in a letter can warm your heart. Make a practice of writing each other letters, so each of you has something to look forward to getting from the other person.

These are just a few things that you can do to keep the lines of communication flowing while you learn more about each other. Long distance relationships can be difficult, but for some people, they can work. It just takes time and effort.

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